Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Building Trust With Your Audience

I’ve generated over $5,000 in affiliate commissions each month. The secret behind this is recommending products that suits my niche. I’ve also discussed the same in theBlogger REGISTRY guide to Start a Blog That Generates $3k a Month.

Preferably, these are the products that I’ve used in the past and now they’re helping me achieve something. You just need to be confident in choosing the right product. In my case, I never tell anyone to buy a product just because I’m preferring them. I always recommend products based the context of what I’ve done or what I’m doing with it. If I’m sharing something with you, it’s just because I’m experienced with all this stuff.

You need to provide value to your potential customers, visitors or whatever you may call them. Affiliate marketer should first understand the importance of maintaining trust with their visitors before they get started with affiliate marketing.

The Solar System Panel

My approach to Affiliate Marketing is built around something I call ‘The Solar System Panel’. I’ve designed this approach to promote your affiliate products by providing value to your visitors.

Imagine a series of worlds around you. These worlds represent the experience people go through when they visit your site. On one end is visitors entering the 1st world, and on the other “exit” end of the series is the sale or conversion, when visitors are leaving the world with happiness.

By focusing on the four worlds of the series—the relationships you create with your visitors, promoting the products you want to promote, the experience you have with those products, the evidence you can share with your audience- all of this will make the process less aggressive

Let’s go over each of these series now!

Creating Relationships With Your Audience

Relationships are everything. Without relationship, no one can trust you. Relationship allows you to get to know about your audience in depth, so you can understand their needs.

First, you need to identify a target audience that has a specific issue. By knowing their issue, you can understand exactly what they’re going through and how you can overcome their problems.

Promoting the Products

Once you’ve developed a relationship with your audience, you’ll start to learn about what your audience actually needs. Next, you’ve to identify and promote products you can recommend to meet your audience’s needs and help them overcome their problem. Keep in mind that not all the products would allow you to generate an affiliate income. Never start with a product or commission in mind. You want to start with solving a problem.

You should promote the products that you’ve used yourself. You can promote the product link through your social media pages too.


Now you’ve found a product that will help your audience achieve their target. Now you need to pitch the experience you have with those products.

On YouTube, we read other people’s comments-people we’ve never met!- to help us make a purchase decision. That’s great stuff, can you just imagine how much more powerful your real-life experience with a particular product can be?

So, before you start promoting your product to your audience/visitors, you need to get to know it yourself. Moreover, affiliate marketing does best when you treat the products you’re promoting as your own. You need to know the experience your audience will have using the product.

People love to see exactly what they’re going to buy, so try to “unbox” the products you’re promoting as an affiliate and showcase them to your audience. Share the pros and cons and give your audience enough accurate information to make a qualified decision about whether the product will work for them or not.


If you can show the success you’ve had with a product, your audience will be really excited about the possibility of achieving the same success. Give your audience a tangible proof that the products you promote can change their lives for the better.


The selling phase is the shortest and least aggressive part of the series. The more you focus on building a relationship with your audience, recommend products, sharing your experience using that product, and providing tangible evidence of that product’s benefits, the less important it becomes to actually sell the product directly.

You can sell your products through-

  • Emails
  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media
  • Webinars, etc.

Do not forget why you got into affiliate marketing. It’s not all about commissions. It’s for your audience to help them achieve something. Moreover, it’s your responsibility to give your audience the products they need to achieve their goals. Aim to be incredibly helpful, and you will earn more in the long run.


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